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"Lurking" is a haunting oil painting on canvas that captures the eerie atmosphere of a foggy landscape haunted by an uncanny presence. Inspired by the artist's experiences driving through the backroads of Calgary, Alberta, and encountering a distant cloud obscured by forest fire smoke, this piece invites viewers into a world of mystery and suspense.


At the forefront of the composition stretches a desolate prairie terrain, shrouded in heavy fog that obscures visibility and heightens the sense of unease. The artist's experience of driving through this foggy landscape evokes a feeling of disorientation and vulnerability as if anything could be lurking just beyond the haze.


In the distance, a solitary cloud looms ominously against the smoky backdrop, its vertical shape resembling the silhouette of a human figure. This cloud, hidden within the forest fire smoke blowing into Calgary, adds a layer of foreboding to the scene, evoking a sense of unease and apprehension.

The artist's decision to render the landscape in a green hue further enhances the surreal and otherworldly ambiance of the painting, infusing it with an unsettling energy. The combination of the foggy prairie terrain, the ominous cloud, and the green tint creates a feeling of an uncanny presence lurking in the distance, watching and waiting.


"Lurking" is a powerful exploration of the intersection between nature and the unknown, inviting viewers to confront their own fears and anxieties. Through skillful brushwork and a keen attention to detail, the artist captures the essence of suspense and anticipation, encouraging viewers to contemplate the mysteries of the natural world and the uncanny forces that lie beyond.


    • Only one original (don't select more then one quantity)
    • Oil paint on canvas.
    • The painting is 20x30 inches.
    • Free Shipping
    • Painting does not come with a frame.
    • The painting has a wire on the back for easy hanging.
    • The painting will come with a certificate of authenticity that includes the date, title, year created and signature from the artist.
    • Please allow 3–10 days for the artwork to ship from Calgary, Alberta. 
    • The price is in Canadian dollars (CAN)
    • The painting will be shipped flat in a padded box. 
    • Please allow 3–10 days for the artwork to ship from Calgary, Alberta. Check the additional info below listing for more details about shipping.
    • The price is in Canadian dollars (CAN).
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