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"No Way Out" is a chilling oil painting on canvas that delves into the depths of shame and its overpowering influence on the human psyche. Inspired by the artist's own experiences of shame, this piece presents shame personified as a sinister creature from folklore known as the windigo, capturing the visceral fear and helplessness it evokes.

The windigo looms at the center of the composition, its menacing presence dominating the canvas with a sense of foreboding. The artist's decision to portray the windigo with beaming yellow eyes adds to its sinister allure, drawing viewers into its gaze and leaving them trapped and exposed.

The artist's use of a black morph suit to depict the windigo's form further enhances the sense of uncanniness and unease, as the figure appears human and otherworldly. With its stern expression and imposing stance, the windigo serves as a haunting reminder of the insidious nature of shame and its ability to consume and control.

In the background, a cloud tinted with a pink/red hue adds to the surreal and nightmarish ambiance of the scene, heightening the sense of drama and tension. This altered coloration evokes a feeling of unease and disorientation as if the viewer has been transported into a dark and foreboding dreamscape.

"No Way Out" is a powerful exploration of the psychological toll of shame and its profound impact on the human experience. By capturing the essence of shame personified as the windigo, the artist invites viewers to confront their feelings of guilt and vulnerability, encouraging them to find strength and resilience in the face of adversity.

No Way Out

    • Size 11" x 14"
    • Hand-signed and dated by me.
    • Printed on professional quality 11PT cover paper.
    • Inserted in a clear plastic sleeve with backing.
    • The print is from an original painting and printed on 11pt cover paper.
    • Please note clarity of images and colours may appear different to items sold due to varying pixel relations and monitor settings.
    • Free Shipping for Canada and the US
    • International shipping costs vary by destination.
    • Please get in touch with me with any questions or concerns! 
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