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"Run" is a striking oil painting on canvas that immerses viewers in a dystopian landscape, where a looming sandstorm engulfs the Alberta terrain, devouring two majestic mountains in its path. This piece marks the artist's first foray into painting on a large canvas, allowing him to fully realize his vision and create a sense of scale and grandeur.

At the heart of the composition stands Goat Mountain and Mount Yamnuska, their rugged peaks rendered with exquisite detail against a backdrop of swirling sand and ominous clouds. The artist's decision to depict the mountains being consumed by the advancing sandstorm adds a sense of urgency and impending doom to the scene, evoking a feeling of fear and trepidation in the viewer.

Above the mountains stretches a massive, uncanny cloudscape, its dark burgundy hues casting a foreboding shadow over the landscape. The artist's experimentation with color and shaping of the clouds adds to the surreal and otherworldly ambiance of the painting, heightening the sense of unease and apprehension.

"Run" is a powerful exploration of the human experience of fear and its ability to paralyze and overwhelm us. By capturing the vastness and magnitude of fear, the artist invites viewers to confront their own fears and anxieties, encouraging them to find the courage to face their fears head-on.


    • Size 12" x 18"
    • Hand-signed and dated by me.
    • Printed on professional quality 11PT cover paper.
    • Inserted in a clear plastic sleeve with backing.
    • The print is from an original painting and printed on 11pt cover paper.
    • Please note clarity of images and colours may appear different to items sold due to varying pixel relations and monitor settings.
    • Free Shipping for Canada and the US
    • International shipping costs vary by destination.
    • Please get in touch with me with any questions or concerns! 
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