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"Rupture From A Vacant Building" is a poignant oil painting on canvas that explores themes of self-reflection, transformation, and hope. Inspired by the artist's experience of witnessing a building being demolished in downtown Calgary and his own journey of overcoming guilt and shame, this piece invites viewers to contemplate the power of resilience and redemption in the face of adversity.


At the center of the composition stands the vacant building, its skeletal frame crumbling under the weight of the demolition cranes. The artist's choice to depict the building as vacant and dilapidated suggests a sense of abandonment and decay, mirroring the artist's own feelings of guilt and shame.

Behind the building stretches a beam of light, its radiant glow contrasting sharply against the dark and somber tones of the scene. This beam of light serves as a symbol of hope and renewal, a beacon of light in the midst of darkness, inviting viewers to embrace the possibility of transformation and redemption.


The artist's use of color and composition adds depth and texture to the painting, with subtle details hinting at the inner turmoil and conflict within the subject. The juxtaposition of light and shadow adds to the sense of drama and tension, inviting viewers to reflect on their own struggles and challenges.


"Rupture From A Vacant Building" is a powerful reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of hope. By capturing the essence of self-reflection and redemption in his artwork, the artist encourages viewers to confront their own feelings of guilt and shame, inspiring them to embrace the possibility of starting anew.

Rupture From A Vacant Building

    • Size 11" x 14"
    • Hand-signed and dated by me.
    • Printed on professional quality 11PT cover paper.
    • Inserted in a clear plastic sleeve with backing.
    • The print is from an original painting and printed on 11pt cover paper.
    • Please note clarity of images and colours may appear different to items sold due to varying pixel relations and monitor settings.
    • Free Shipping for Canada and the US
    • International shipping costs vary by destination.
    • Please get in touch with me with any questions or concerns! 
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