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”Rupture Into The Abyss" is a mesmerizing oil painting on canvas that transports viewers into a realm of mystery and wonder. Inspired by a photograph taken by the artist during a family golf outing at Fishers Peak mountain in Kananaskis, this piece captures the imagination with its enigmatic imagery and symbolic depth.


At the center of the composition looms the majestic silhouette of Fishers Peak mountain, its towering presence commanding attention. Yet, it is not the mountain itself that draws the eye, but rather the gaping crater nestled within its rugged contours. Like a portal to another world, the crater beckons the viewer to peer into its depths, evoking a sense of curiosity and intrigue.


The artist's creative interpretation of the crater adds a layer of symbolism to the scene. A beam of light emanates from the crater's center, piercing through the darkness and reaching skyward in a dazzling display of energy and illumination. This beam serves as a powerful metaphor for hope, reminding viewers that even in the darkest of times, there is always a glimmer of light to guide us forward.


The tunnel cloud that stretches towards the heavens further enhances the otherworldly atmosphere of the scene, hinting at the possibility of unseen realms and hidden truths waiting to be discovered. Through skillful brushwork and vibrant color palette, the artist captures the essence of transformation and renewal, inviting viewers to contemplate the boundless potential of the human spirit.

    Rupture Into The Abyss

      • Only one original (don't select more then one quantity)
      • Oil paint on canvas.
      • The painting is 18x24 inches.
      • Free Shipping
      • Painting does not come with a frame.
      • The painting has a wire on the back for easy hanging.
      • The painting will come with a certificate of authenticity that includes the date, title, year created and signature from the artist.
      • Please allow 3–10 days for the artwork to ship from Calgary, Alberta. 
      • The price is in Canadian dollars (CAN)
      • The painting will be shipped flat in a padded box. The size, weight and destination will determine the shipping costs. Brendan will add the shipping costs to the total at the checkout.
      • Please allow 3–10 days for the artwork to ship from Calgary, Alberta. Check the additional info below listing for more details about shipping.
      • The price is in Canadian dollars (CAN).
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