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”Strange Clouds" is a captivating oil painting on canvas that showcases the artist's early exploration into the realm of storm cloud imagery. Inspired by the unique landscape of the Badland Hoodoos in Medicine Hat, Alberta, this piece exudes an otherworldly atmosphere, inviting viewers to ponder the mysteries of the natural world.


At the forefront of the composition looms a towering hoodoo, its rugged contours rendered in rich detail against a backdrop of vibrant green skies. The artist's experimental approach to color tinting and saturation imbues the clouds with an eerie green hue, adding to the surreal and uncanny ambiance of the scene.


The juxtaposition of the natural landscape with the unconventional coloring of the sky creates a sense of disorientation and intrigue, prompting viewers to question the underlying reality of the scene. What could be the reason behind the green sky? This sense of uncertainty and ambiguity is a central theme in the artist's work, inviting viewers to engage with the artwork on a deeper level.


"Strange Clouds" marks a pivotal moment in the artist's practice, as they explore themes of the uncanny and the inexplicable. The experimentation with color and composition lays the groundwork for future artistic endeavors, as the artist continues to push the boundaries of their creativity and imagination.

    Strange Clouds

      • Only one original (don't select more then one quantity)
      • Oil paint on canvas.
      • The painting is 18x24 inches.
      • Free Shipping
      • Painting does not come with a frame.
      • The painting has a wire on the back for easy hanging.
      • The painting will come with a certificate of authenticity that includes the date, title, year created and signature from the artist.
      • Please allow 3–10 days for the artwork to ship from Calgary, Alberta. 
      • The price is in Canadian dollars (CAN)
      • The painting will be shipped flat in a padded box. The size, weight and destination will determine the shipping costs. Brendan will add the shipping costs to the total at the checkout.
      • Please allow 3–10 days for the artwork to ship from Calgary, Alberta. Check the additional info below listing for more details about shipping.
      • The price is in Canadian dollars (CAN).
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